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This page is for viewing and downloading the end user documentation supplied to LINKS users.

LINKS - Enrollment Documents
Site Enrollment Agreement Form 1.2024 Download/View
School Nurse Individual User Agreement Form 1.2024 Download/View
New Site Enrollment Packet 1.2024 Download/View
School or Child Care Center Enrollment Agreement 1.2024 Download/View
New School Enrollment Packet 1.2024 Download/View
Individual User Agreement Form 1.2024 Download/View
LINKS View Only Reference Card - 09/2019 Download/View
Requirements for Participation Checklist - 09/2019 Download/View
HIPAA - 09/2019 Download/View
Confidentiality Policy - 10/2019 Download/View
LINKS Remove User Form_Fillable 2.2024 Download/View
Prevent Sharing - 09/2019 Download/View
Navigation Guide for LA LINKS Training Portal Download/View
COVID-19 Documents
Moderna Booster Documentation Download/View
CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement - 01/2021 Download/View
CDC Supplemental COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Agreement - 01/2021 Download/View
COVID-19 Provider Agreement FQA’s Download/View
Provider Enrollment Common Mistakes Download/View
LA Mass Immunization Quick Reference Guide Download/View
Vaccine Transfer Quick Reference Guide Download/View
Fact Sheet for HCP Administering Vaccine Download/View
Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers Download/View
Fact Sheet For Recipients and Caregivers for Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Download/View
LA Orders Reconciliation Quick Reference Guide Download/View
LINKS - General Information
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - 09/2019 Download/View
LINKS Parents Brochure - 09/2019 Download/View
LINKS Poster - 09/2019 Download/View
LINKS Provider Brochure - 09/2019 Download/View
Daycare/Early Learning and Schools
Immunization Guide for Schools – 2022-2023 Download/View
Child/Adolescent Immunization Schedule and Daycare/School Entry Requirements - 2023 Download/View
Immunization Guide for Daycares/Early Learning Centers - 2022-2023 Download/View
Schools of Higher Learning Entry Requirements – 3/2020 Download/View
School Nurse User Guide 2022 Download/View
LINKS - Other Files
Communicable Disease Chart Download/View
LINKS HL7 Guide Version 7.2.3 Download/View
PHC-Hub Interface & Specification Guide version 4.15.2 Download/View
DTT Specification Guide V4.10 Download/View
MISA – Thumb Drive Training Video 10-22-2009 Download/View
Temperature Quality Control Spreadsheet Download/View
School of Higher Learning Export Guide Download/View
Check Your Vials - Is it Tdap, DTaP, or Td? Download/View
Bar Code Font Download/View
MyIR- Consumer Access
MyIR _Quick Reference Guide Download/View
MyIR_Provider Poster Download/View
MyIR_Pet Feature Download/View
Additional Immunization Resources
Louisiana Immunization Program Website

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